When you attend a concert, you expect to have fun and stay safe; however, tragic events can happen when you least expect them. 

Those involved in putting on the show (i.e., promoters, the venue, the artist) have an obligation to keep you and other concert-goers safe. This includes but is not limited to ensuring the venue is not overcrowded or over capacity and preventing any trip or fall hazards (i.e., unsecured wiring). 

While enjoying the event is up to you, safety at the concert remains your legal right. If you are injured at a show, you might wonder about your rights. 

Causes for Concert Injuries
There are various causes of deaths and injuries at live events such as concerts. However, in many cases, the fault lies with event managers, who often ignore basic safety precautions to make more money.

The following are the most common injuries:

  • Safety violations. This includes breaches of fire safety codes and health codes.
  • Staffing violations. Venues and event managers often fail to train staff, provide security, or hire enough people. 
  • Overserving Alcohol. Concert-goers consuming too much alcohol risk serious injury to themselves and others, especially in tight spaces during an event. Venues failing to check identification properly may be held responsible for alcohol-related injuries, especially those involving minors.
  • Inadequate security. This could be a form of premises liability, including failing to check for weapons, drugs, or guns and failing to ensure sufficient security personnel on-site to prevent violence or criminal activity.
  • Property hazards. Malfunctioning guardrails and escalators, scaffolds, floors, floors, and walkways can all lead to severe injuries that could be prevented.
Accountable Parties
Concert injuries can be the fault of one or more parties. These are just a few possible parties that could be held legally responsible for injuries sustained at concerts:

  • Concert promoters
  • Venue owner
  • Performers
  • Security services
  • Concert managers
  • Vendors and third-party contractors
  • Law enforcement
  • Local government
  • Concert-goers

What party you can bring your claim against depends on who is responsible for the circumstances resulting in your accident. There may be multiple responsible parties. An experienced attorney can investigate your claim to discover who might be accountable for your injury.

Filing an Injury Claim
Though most injuries sustained at concerts are caused by negligence, it may be difficult to recover damages. This is because concert-goers waive certain rights simply by purchasing tickets for events. As a condition of buying tickets, many large venues and event organizers require that attendees waive any liability. 

However, if you are injured at a concert due to the negligence of another party, you can file a compensation claim. These liability waivers can sometimes be very weak and not enforceable for many reasons. Even if the release meets all legal requirements, it is not a defense against gross negligence or intentional misconduct, defective equipment, fraud, or any other type of liability.

For example, you're in the second row at a concert, and the promoters used fireworks. Before the show, the promoters tested fireworks and found that they blast up to 20 feet; however, your seats are only 15 feet away. As a result, you were struck by the sparks, causing severe burns and requiring you to seek medical attention. 

In this situation, you can sue the concert promoters for negligence. Concert promoters failed to exercise sufficient care when using fireworks in a confined area. They should have taken precautions by either moving the fireworks further back or not using them at all.  

Trust An Experienced Attorney

A law firm with experience and a track record of success is essential to help you determine what happened and who is responsible.

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